Lunar™ F Powered Staplers
Features & Benefits


1)    Novel buzzer and discrete compression timer lights.

2)    Integrated anvil with cold extrusion technology.

3)    Patented jaw design with a triple slide rail-and-block combination rather than the

       double rail-and-block design of the Endo GIA™.

4)    Stepless jaw-articulating lever.

5)    Multifunctional buttons and ergonomic handle.

6)    Dual-side compression timer (safety) lock.

7)    Battery capacity display.

8)    Additional regular batteries (optional).

        9)    Detachable arched tip (optional).



1a)    Offers great flexibility for different compression needs/preferences, with either a standardized 15-second pre-compression (recommended) or shorter pre-compression.

1b)    Triggers a buzzing sound to signal it is ready to fire without looking at the timer.

2)      Offers 30-40% higher strength vs. Endo GIA when compressing tissue before firing (pre-compression).

3)      Consistent compression from the proximal end to the distal end of the jaw while firing (dual compression).

4)      The articulating jaw can adopt any angle in the -45° to 45° articulation range.

                  Or 45° articulation range on both sides.

5)      Offers less inter-instrumental collision and more space for operations to take place.

6)      Adapted to both left-handed surgeons and right-handed surgeons.

7)      Direct visualization about battery capacity, preventing surgeons from procedure irrelated concerns.

Lunar™ F powered staplers are compatible with Fulbright's existing reload portfolio. 

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